Nice to see Alisyn spell Kiran in Hour One, but I just have a hunch she'll be back for Tiki Tuesday. She hates to disappoint the Giants running back, who has taken over "FOX & Friends First" and combined with Kiran has made me a true Third Wheel.

Such an intriguing big story to kick off the show on Monday with the capture of a would-be fourth bomber from the Jordan attacks last week. The fact that she had a body bomb ready to go and how many kids women and innocents she was ready to kill is just unthinkable. My hope is that the Jordanians send some hit squads to get Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq once and for all. Their intelligence is so much better then ours and now they are motivated to kill the guy they let out of prison in '99. They said he was a street thug who could not mastermind this insurgency and I just think they have to had change their minds.

Congresswomen Jane Harmon was one of our key guests of the day and seemed to be above the juvenile argument about intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq. She remembers as a member of the Intelligence Committee what it was like trying to get Saddam to come clean on what he had in his stockpile. She also agreed with Senator McCain that's its disingenuous to criticize the intelligence leading up to the war in 2003. What is really important is winning the war now and it's such a shame the soldiers are still hearing and reading about the misgivings while they fight for their lives.

Finally, Virgin questions aside it was great do something different and have a best-selling author on who is not a terror expert. The book is called "Tender Bar" and the author is J. R. Moehringer. He wrote about a bar called Publicans who happened to be down the block from my family's bar, Kilmeade's. My family lived 25 minutes from Manhasset, but foe me it was surreal seeing the names we knew as kids come back to life.

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