America needs to turn around and see the hump on its own back.

General Motors is going bankrupt after about a century, yet there's President Obama saying a new GM will emerge from bankruptcy with the chance to out-compete automakers around the world.

When has a government-run anything been competitive, much less successful?

Then there's Tim Geithner going hat in hand to China, begging them to buy our debt. We need China a whole lot more than they need us and it's obvious to everyone else.

And finally, even Russia's Pravda can see the hump. The paper, which was once the official voice of the Communist Party, published a blogger who calls Americans out for our Marxist ways and says capitalism is gone without a whimper.

All these things are completely obvious to everyone else, yet we're still deluding ourselves into thinking America doesn't have a hump.

We need to live in reality and that means sometimes accepting hard facts. Only then can we address these problems and really start to change things for the better.

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