I'm sorry some of you feel I'm rude and interrupt and kind of a grumpy old fart too.

But I've got precious time here, folks. And I need precious answers to direct questions.

Not open-ended questions that invite open and unending speeches.

Short, direct, to the point, often yes or no questions that demand clarity.

Some guests don't like that. Some of you don't like that.

But I'm not here to talk around issues, but address them. And get specifics on them.

This election year, more than ever, it's about breaking talking points, and sticking to specific points.

I want to know from Obama folks specifically how taxing the rich doesn't tax a slowing economy.

And from the McCain folks how criticizing those tax hikes jibes with a candidate who didn't at first even want the tax cuts.

I want to know from union leaders why it's OK for them to push Democratic candidates, but Wal-Mart not to.

I want to know of die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters what's the difference between giving up the fight and giving up on their party?

And of Obama supporters whether they're really listening to those supporters or placating them?

These are blunt, sometimes rude questions.

I don't think I'm a rude guy.

I'm an answers guy.

And I want them.

I spent a lot of time listening to these folks when I couldn't speak.

I demand answers to their endless jawboning now that I can.

Whether I'm heavily medicated or not.

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