Following Barack Obama's campaign is like watching a friend of yours dump a psychotic girlfriend. In this case, Obama is the friend and the crazy, soon-to-be ex is the left.

In the beginning, Obama could indulge the crazies over at The Huffington Post and MoveOn.org simply because, back then, the rest of America wasn't paying attention.

But now that he has the nomination and people are actually listening, he's dropping the Wesley Clarks of the world like bug-infested potatoes. Now, among the normal, Obama can no longer hold onto all those nutty beliefs, which means, he must turn right.

I've said it before: The Democrats know you can't run left because you'll lose. Which is funny when you think about it: The only way your party can win, is to run from your party's beliefs.

So far, Obama has flipped on the death penalty and thinks guns are peachy. He's accepted the Foreign Surveillance Act and he's no longer entertaining high tea with Ahmadinejad. And now he's blasted MoveOn.org for calling General Petraeus a traitor. His crazy ex-girlfriend must be cutting up his underwear.

But it's not over yet. Just wait until Obama returns from Iraq speaking about how the violence has decreased and that the surge is working. At this point he will embrace the phrase his lefty brethren mocked so well -- "stay the course" -- and acknowledge that we are, in effect, winning the war. Once he abandons his idiotic stance on the capital gains tax, the makeover will be almost complete.

So sit back and enjoy it, as the unbalanced ex-girlfriend roils in her basement apartment, blogging about her heartbreak, as the rest of us realize that Obama isn't running against McCain, he's turning into him.

And if you disagree with me, then you're worse than Eric Alterman.

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