One of the great things about the election of Barack Obama is how it terminated the relevance of Bill Maher.

Remember Maher? He was that edgy guy who crowned himself the king of all things "politically incorrect." At times he could be really funny, but the more he fixated on easy targets, the less incorrect he became.

His shtick is now just a smirk in a suit, a walking catalogue of jokes that could have been written by the most brain-dead of Huffpo commenters.

So now that the Republicans are out of power, who's Bill going after now? In his column in The Los Angeles Times, it's the Republicans who aren't in power. And this shows what happens when your recent career has been little more than one easy Bush joke after another. When the target of that joke is gone, what's left?

Oh yeah, a tea-bagging joke. As most Americans know, those gags were already beaten into the ground a week ago by the drones at MSNBC.

Someone should tell Maher or better, his joke writers.

I believe Maher suffers from "phantom joke" pain: The target is gone, but the longing is still there to hit it.

Look, there's no question that the Republican Party needs to rebuild, which requires looking forward and backward. Judging from Maher's column though, he's the one stuck in the past, chasing punch lines that — without the cushion of his moronic studio audience — land with a revealing thud.

It's time to move on, Bill. Find someone new.

Try Craigslist.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Garofalo!

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