Tim McGraw Had to Get 'Sniff' of Approval From Wife Faith Hill

Tim McGraw is more than just a country superstar - he’s an entrepreneur as well, having recently released his second fragrance, Southern Blend. But the most daunting part of the process wasn’t actually putting the potion together - it was getting wife Faith Hill’s smell of approval.

“If my wife didn't like it I wouldn't have gotten anywhere,” McGraw recently told us. “But she does like it, thank God.”

So while the country crooner fully takes his wife’s advice when it comes to colognes, the same rules don’t necessarily apply when it comes to their music.

“I always want to know her opinion, I value her opinion. I think she's one of the best artists that are out there, certainly one of the best singers out there. Now, we don't always agree,’ he explained. “There have been songs that made my album that she didn't necessarily like and vice versa, but ultimately as an artist it's got to be something that's a piece of you. If it's not a piece of you, if you're just kind of putting together something because of what other people want to hear, or what you think radio wants, or what somebody else likes - then it's really not a piece of you, and you lose some honesty in it.”

But despite McGraw’s success in the world of scents and on-screen (his movie “The Blind Side” comes out in November) the 42-year-old still has his priorities straight.

“Music pays the bills. I’ve got three daughters at home, that's a lot of shoes,” he added.

Security Footage Reportedly Shows Jayde Nicole Started Fight With Joe Francis, He Plans $20 Million Countersuit

Former Playmate Jayde Nicole recently filed a one million dollar lawsuit against Joe Francis alleging assault and battery after a fight with Joe Francis, however security camera footage from the popular Los Angeles club shows reportedly Nicole provoking the attack on the “Girls Gone Wild” founder.

According to Francis' Beverly Hills attorney Cyrus Nownejad, the footage clearly shows Nicole instigating the incident, waiting to hit Francis in the back of the head and then pour her drink down his back, thereby committing two counts of battery on Francis. He said at no point is Francis seen punching or kicking Nicole, contrary to her public statements about the incident.

“My client grabbed Nicole's hair in self-defense to restrain her from further assaults against him and to protect himself against her horrendous threat,” Nownejad told Tarts in a statement. “My client was clearly acting reasonably under the circumstances, as he had just been battered twice and threatened to be killed. He merely restrained Ms. Nicole and then left the scene.”

Apparently other footage shows Nicole's boyfriend, Brody Jenner knocking Francis to the ground before being tasered and restrained by club security and pulled away from Francis.

Nownejad also alleged that the “defamatory statements” made by Nicole and Jenner resulted in Francis losing a $20 million business deal, thus he intends to file a $20 million countersuit against the couple next week.

And the oh-so-charitable Mantra Films mogul plans to donate any proceeds from the lawsuit “in excess of recouping his business losses to a charity supporting real victims of violence against women.”

Is Kourtney Kardashian Telling White Lies?

Expecting mama Kourtney Kardashian keeps saying she doesn’t know the sex of her unborn baby but hopes to “find out soon” - but is she telling the truth?

According to her younger sister Kendall, they do know but have all be sworn to secrecy.

“We’re not allowed to tell the gender yet,” the 13-year-old told Tarts at last week’s Selena Gomez record release party. “I can’t remember what she liked for a girl, but for a boy she liked Mason. She had such exotic names for girls.”

And even though Kourtney’s chomping down not-so-healthy things as her belly burgeons, the reality starlet has managed to keep her itty bitty body.

“She craves junk food! Every half hour she’ll be like ‘I’m hungry, I have to pee! I’m hungry!’” sis Kylie Jenner added.

Miley Terminates Twitter: Is This The Beginning of the Tweeting Demise?

Twitter has taken the world by storm - but now that Miley Cyrus has announced her shock departure from the social networking gimmick is this the beginning of the end?

The Disney darling (who had around 2 million followers) deleted her account on Thursday on advice from her new beau Liam Hemsworth.

"FYI Liam doesn't have a twttr & he wants ME 2 delete mine w/ gd reason," she twittered before obliterating @mileycyrus.

Not so long ago Pop Tarts caught up with Cyrus in an elevator in a Beverly Hills hotel where she gushed about how “obsessed” she was with twittering and how it made her feel so close to her fans.

But the “Hannah Montana” sensation isn’t the only one whose tweeting days have died.

According to NY Daily News, several sports stars such as the Miami Heat players and Texas Tech’s Red Raiders have been banned from the micro blogging phenomenon. NY Jets receiver David Clowney was even sidelined after tweeting about how upset he was over time given on the field.

And perhaps John Mayer’s tweet life will come to an end soon too.

"I’m just goofing off, it’s silly. Isn’t it silly? Twitter is fun, but I’m gonna get off as soon it becomes like ‘Skippy Peanut Butter Presents Twitter’,” the singer told Tarts earlier this year.