Tim Allen, Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman and a new Lampoon movie all in the harsh klieg glare of The Foxlight.

A movie about a bomb in a suitcase wasn't appropriate after 9/11, so Tim Allen's Big Trouble was evacuated from the fall schedule. Is now any better? Not according to a few critics who say the all-star cast gets a few chuckles but otherwise this is big trouble of another kind.

Ashley Judd is re-teamed with Morgan Freeman for High Crimes. She's a lawyer defending husband Jim Caviezel in a military trial. Freeman is the down-on-his-luck co-counsel. Judd is the new Pauline, wherever she goes in the movies she's in peril. But this one is strictly by the book. Whether or not you see any of the twists coming doesn't really matter. And I still say Ashley could be the next Julia Roberts if she just got the right role.

Finally, after years of mediocre National Lampoon movies, here comes Van Wilder, and some say it's as funny as Animal House. Will this help Tara Reid make up for Josie and the Pussycats? It better be really hilarious to pull that off.