Tiger Cubs Found Dead in Chinese Wildlife Park Freezer

Two endangered baby Siberian tigers have been found dead in a freezer at a Chinese zoo.

The grim discovery was made just days after an adult tiger was discovered skinned and beheaded at another zoo in the same area.

Tiger body parts are often used in traditional Chinese medicines.

Both cubs were found in the ticketing office of the Three Gorges Forest Wildlife Park.

"They were born not long ago and are now dead," a park employee said.

The skinned tiger's cage had been smashed open and four home-made anaesthetic rifles were found nearby.

Local authorities are investigating the cause of the deaths.

China breeds Siberian tigers as a way to protect one of the world's most endangered species, which mostly lives in northeast China and Russia.

According to reports, there are just 400 living in the wild.

Tiger bones are used to treat everything from skin disease to rheumatism and occasionally used in the production of special wines as well.