Want to honor a loved one or see your name on a $2,800 Chippendale tray to be used on the U.S. Navy's newest warship? Well, now's your chance.

A Tiffany & Co. gift registry has been established for the USS New York, which was built with more than seven tons of steel from the World Trade Center and will be commissioned on Nov. 7. Interested buyers can commemorate a service member, a victim who died on Sept. 11 or even themselves by purchasing and engraving any of the 200-plus pieces up for sale.

Click here for photos of the silver pieces and the U.S.S. New York.

The registry, which was first announced in July, can be accessed through the U.S.S. New York's commissioning committee Web site. Items for sale include the Chippendale tray, a sterling silver Queen Anne sugar bowl for $1,445, a sterling silver creamer pitcher for $1,105 and $380 sterling silver salt and pepper shakers.

Then there's the George IV 27-inch sterling silver serving tray. Yours for only $13,600.

Sally McElwreath, the director of the ship's commissioning committee, a volunteer group of civilians and retired service members who raise funds for events surrounding the November ceremony, told Foxnews.com that roughly 22 pieces have already been sold.

"It does offer the opportunity for individuals to be part of Naval history," said McElwreath, a retired Navy reserve captain. "And since the Navy keep all of this silver, you know that this'll keep."

In accordance with Navy tradition, the ship's silver service will be used when hosting guests for ceremonial occasions and special events. The silver will remain with the ship throughout its lifespan and will be passed on to the next ship named for New York.