Thursday, July 10: Tarnished Star?

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A pre-trial session is underway in the Robert Blake murder case. Is the defense pinning its strategy on a witness who says she heard Marlon Brando's son make threatening statements about Blake's murdered wife, Bonny Lee Bakely.

We’ll sort out the significance of this witness with Doug Burns, former federal prosecutor; Michael Bachner, defense attorney, and Mark Fuhrman, former LAPD homicide detective.

Why did Vincent Brothers walk out of a North Carolina jail after being arrested in connection with the brutal Bakersfield murders? We’ll ask Adam Rosman, former federal prosecutor; Victor Knapp, criminal defense attorney, and Dr. Michael Baden, forensic pathologist.

Brand new reports are coming out about what happened the night a Colorado woman says NBA superstar Kobe Bryant (search) sexually assaulted her. FOX News correspondent Carol McKinley explains that the reports -- if true -- paint a troubling picture. Will the allegations tarnish Bryant’s rising star? Carlos Diaz, correspondent for Celebrity Justice magazine, weighs in.

Plus, she is fighting for the children that she was forced to leave behind and now she is taking her battle to Washington. We’ll get an update on this harrowing tale from Sarah Saga, who escaped Saudi Arabia just two weeks ago; her mother Debbie Dornier, and Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., chairman of the House Government Reform Committee.

And, can you guess which country the United Nations says is the best place to live?

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