On today's edition of DaySide with Linda Vester:

Manhunt: A search is underway for 31-year-old Jerry William Jones who is believed to have kidnapped three girls and killed four people in northwest Georgia, authorities said Thursday. We’ll get the latest on this intense multi-state manhunt from Gordon Country Sheriff's Department Chief of Detectives Michael Garigan.

Trail to Saddam: What was it like to hunt down Saddam Hussein (search)? We’ll get the answer from the man that led the operation that captured the former Iraqi dictator, U.S. Army Col. James Hickey, commander of the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team.

Al Qaeda Recruitment: Two years after we declared our war on terror, Usama bin Laden’s terror network is finding new ways to recruit young people to join its ranks. Where are these recruits coming from? We’ll get insight from Peter Brookes, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a former CIA operations officer.

The Hunt Is On: French authorities are looking for the suspected terrorist who caused the cancellation of an Air France flight to the U.S. on Christmas Eve. Why did his name show up on terror lists? We’ll ask Mike Baker, CEO of Diligence and a former CIA covert operations officer.

Desperately Seeking… Wesley? Why has the Material Girl endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Susan Turnbull, deputy chair of DNC, and Peter Snyder, GOP strategist.

Too Notorious? Scott Peterson is in court and his lawyers want the murder trial moved out of Modesto. Will it happen? Bill Fazio, former San Francisco prosecutor, and Michael Cardoza, San Francisco criminal defense attorney, join the debate.

Gag Order? Prosecutors are asking for a gag order in the Michael Jackson molestation case. But is the judge willing? We’ll ask Tom O'Neil, senior editor of In Touch Weekly.

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