Throw them in jail then throw away the key.

That White House party-crashing couple would still be better off. After all, most fence-jumpers are shot.

Let's be clear: Tareq and Michaele Salahi are fence-jumpers, only they didn't use a fence. They just walked in.

But they're just as crazy. And just as dangerous.

Fence jumpers often hear voices. These guys apparently hear voices too. Although their voices are network producers for whom a six-figure booking will do nicely, when it should be a roundhouse kick in the ass for acting a bit too smoothly.

It's one thing to embarrass a Secret Service clearly overworked, but to profit off it for being over the top?

You laugh and play high society as some brave agents risk losing their jobs because you did?

No. If they go, you go.

If they have to start their lives over, you have to stop your shallow "watch us fool 'em" lives now — in jail, where you can lose the designer duds and the silly smirks.

And count your blessings. You're just hanging out, and not being hanged.

I hear you guys are into horses. May I inquire: Which end?

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