Larry, Moe and Curly have gotten the greenlight from MGM Studios, and the Farrelly Brothers, the comedy team behind "There's Something About Mary" and "Dumb and Dumber," are now casting their slapstick dream.

MGM has slated the Stooges for a November 20, 2009 release date.

"The Three Stooges are a timeless staple of comedy and when we heard what the Farrellys had in mind we knew it was time for Larry, Moe and Curly to return to the big screen," says MGM Chairman Mary Parent.

Bobby and Peter Farrelly have been talking about the movie for years. "We wrote the script like two or three years ago," Farrelly said in 2005. "It was the hardest script we ever wrote."

Farrelly also talked about the troubles they ahve had casting the film. "We went to Clooney," Farrelly said. "He passed. Russell Crowe passed. Benicio was interested. Jeff Daniels was interested. We heard at some point that Sean Penn was interested for Larry. We went to Larry David for Larry and he passed. That's been a hard one to get together."

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