Three people have been killed and at least seven injured in an explosion near a fast food restaurant in Peshawar in northwest Pakistan.

A police official said a number of people were trapped in a building that caught fire.

The explosion occured near a KFC outlet in a area with many lawyers offices.

At first officials said it was a car bomb but later put it down to an accidental blast in a shop with paint stored inside.

The incident came after a series of attacks by militants over the army offensive against the Taliban in the northwest of the country.

On Friday at least 40 people were killed when two homicide bombers blew themselves up near the national military headquarters in Rawalpindi.

That was followed by an attack on an army checkpoint in which one soldier was killed.

Soldiers at the checkpoint, on a bridge in Wana, in South Waziristan, retaliated after coming under fire, according to a security official.

"There were 30 to 40 militants who first fired rocket-propelled grenades at our post and then opened fire with AK-47 rifles," he said.

"One of our soldiers was killed but we retaliated and killed six militants."

The attack near the Army HQ was carried out by two men who entered a mosque used by military officials and set off devices strapped to their chests.

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