It's justifiable — totally justifiable. Who in their right mind could argue it isn't totally justifiable: Whacking those who abuse our trust, and more, abuse our support?

Folks to whom we gave our hard-earned dollars and they just enriched themselves? Never did what we told them to do? Never tried?

Knew we'd yell and scream. Never cared? Knew we'd love to say, "No more." But knew more, we never could.

It's as if they felt they were too big to fail. And we were too stupid to care.

So they kept failing. And we kept paying.

Then they failed more. And we paid more. For rescues that wouldn't rescue and bailouts that only resulted in payouts.

Obscene payouts. So no wonder we are at this obscene point. No wonder we have snapped. No wonder we have said, enough. No wonder we have looked at their pay, and said, you haven't earned that pay.

In fact, you're not worth 10 percent of your pay. So we're taking the other 90 percent of your pay and returning it — to us.

Only seems fair.

You lied. You cheated. You wasted. And now, you pay.

I'm not talking about you, AIG. I'm talking about you, Congress.

Now pay up. Then for God's sake, shut up.

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