Dear Viewers,

I have gotten so many e-mails from viewers in the past few days with similar questions. Rather than answer them individually -- although I do answer many individually -- I want to answer some of them here in GretaWire.com.  It is a bit more efficient.

First, our regular time slot has not changed. It is 10pm eastern, Monday through Friday. This week we were on later (at 11pm eastern) because of unusual circumstances. On Monday FNC had special coverage of the Iowa Caucus which pushed us off one hour, on Tuesday the State of the Union pushed us off 2 hours, and on Thursday the debate pushed us off 1 hour. Next week on Tuesday we run into this "problem" again when FNC covers the New Hampshire primary. It is anticipated that our show will start at 11pm eastern and we will do two live hours -- not one -- that night. In other words, lots of coffee (although, not to be too personal, I don't want to drink too much since I can't get up and leave the set during that 2 hours!)

I received some complaints from a handful of viewers (10?) about my disclosing on air that my husband supports (contributed and raised money) for Senator John Kerry. First, I was surprised by the complaints since I thought the viewers would appreciate candor (they deserve it.) Second, if you know me, you know that I am quite independent in my thinking. I love my husband, but I don't take "marching orders" from him and he does not from me. I bet that is the situation in your home or relationship, too. Third, I disclosed this so that YOU can decide whether you think my questions might be unfair or fair. This, to me, is being "fair and balanced" in that there are no secrets. It allows you to make a decision when listening me. Incidentally even if you think I am not fair on one particular issue that should not cause you to think I am unfair on all.
Frankly, I would urge everybody in the media to do the same - disclose - if there are any even casual connections. In my "old" business of practicing law, there is a Code of Professional Responsibility which requires disclosure of anything that might be perceived as - not necessarily IS - a conflict of interest. I think that is a good rule. Our viewers are SO smart and I am confidant that they can sort through any information we provide them on the air so long as we are candid. This is not to say that we will always be perfect in disclosure since, frankly, sometimes you don't realize you might have a potential conflict that should be disclosed. We all believe we are fair. I bet you think you are fair, too. It is a human flaw that we each have about ourselves. We can only try and do our best.

I would love not to have to do things like disclosures but in this day and age, both husbands and wives work. It is not uncommon for husbands and wives to be in the same business or related businesses. Here are some high profile examples: U.S. Senator McConnell is married to our current Secretary of Labor, Mary Matalin is married to James Carville, Bob Dole (who gives many speeches etc.) is married to Senator Dole, NBC's Maria Shriver is married to the new California Governor, NBC's Andrea Mitchell is married to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve etc. I could go on and on with the list but my point is made. We all know about these relationships and it is a good thing that we do. It allows these husband and wives to work, and it allows us to assess whether we think they may be biased on a particular issue or not.

The show heads to New Hampshire on Monday....I hope you will watch.


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