President Bush's announcement of a $7.1 billion plan bird flu plan shifted the focus of the story of a U.S. outbreak to the political front, while the race to create a vaccine, and the continuing infection of poultry in Asia, began to signal the economic ramifications of a pandemic.

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Monday, Nov. 7, 2005

WHO Chief: Be Ready for Bird Flu

China Adopts Strict Measures to Fight Bird Flu

Beijing Poultry Markets Shut on Bird Flu Fears

Roche Sets Annual Goal of 300M Tamiflu Treatments

Yum's China Sales Miss Mark on Flu Fears

Sunday, Nov. 6, 2005

Anti-Bird Flu Cockfighting Bill Stalls Despite Bush Support

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005

Indonesia Confirms Fifth Bird Flu Death

Friday, Nov. 4, 2005

Ask Dr. Manny: Bird Flu Fears

China, Vietnam Confirm New Bird Flu Cases

Flu Proposal Misguided

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005

Roche to Boost Tamiflu Output

Hong Kong to Citizens: Don't Kiss Your Parrot

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005

Timeline: Avian and Pandemic Influenza

Bird-Flu Plan Skeptics Await Details

Feds: Bird Flu Outbreak Could Restrict Travel

Senators Evaluate Bush's Bird Flu Request

Transcript: Bird Flu Plan Too Pricey?

Is the U.S. Ready for an Avian Flu Pandemic?

Bird-Flu Plan Skeptics Await Details

Bush Unveils $7.1 Billion Bird Flu Strategy

Budget Cuts Spent Quickly by Senate on Bird Flu

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2005

Vietnam a Focus in Bird Flu Effort

Bird Flu Detected in Canada