Can someone please tell me where our imagination has gone?

As if NASA lowering its cosmic sites and imagination by deciding to stay in the neighborhood and revisit the moon weren't bad enough, now it's blowing the darn thing up. NASA bulldozing two space craft into the lunar surface early this morning, looking for hidden ice.

You heard me right: H2O via a little TNT.

They actually built a large rocket hull to literally crash it into the moon. Then they built another rocket, this one loaded with cameras, to take pictures of the first one's work.

Don't get me wrong. I love NASA, and grew up in awe of its incredible achievements. But for the life of me, I can't recall a president standing up and saying, "Our goal, before this decade is out, is to send a probe to the moon, then blow it up, then send another probe right after it to take cool pictures of what we blew up."

Have we reduced our intergalactic vision to the cosmic equivalent of a neighborhood joy ride? Like some teenagers on a bender, packed into an old T-Bird, just looking to bust some heads — or in this case, the south pole of the moon?

You know what this sounds like to me? Like some engineers costing this thing out, and one of them discovers they don't have enough fuel to get back, so, "What the hell, just crash these things into the moon, and maybe we'll get some neat pictures out of it?!"

Maybe we will find water. Even though I’m not sure what we do then. Go back and blow up more parts of the moon to find more water?

I know man's curiosity knows no bounds, but our budgets sure do.

I don't think this is what Carl Sagan had in mind when he fantasized about exploring "billions and billions of stars." Not once did I ever hear Carl say, "If you can't do that, billions and billions of blown up pieces from the moon will do in a pinch."

This isn't about going lunar.

This is just loony.

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