An Ohio third grader was expelled after a school official found a "hit list" in hit desk of students and a teacher that he apparently wanted to kill, the Journal News reported Friday.

A report was filed this week with the Hamilton Police Department in Ohio claiming that the boy at a local private school wanted to harm the people on his list. Immanuel Lutheran School Principal Michael Mayo said the student has been permanently removed from the school.

“We never believed for a second that people were truly in danger,” Mayo told the Journal News. “But this sort of thing in this day and age, you just can’t do that. It will never be acceptable.”

Parents in the school district were alerted and Mayo said the student in question was receiving counseling.

“We still care for this person and we are in constant prayer for that person now,” Mayo told the Journal News.

Hamilton police spokesman Rich Burkhardt said the school is investigating the report but no charges have been filed.

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