It's an undeniable fact: Man or woman, we all dabble in the art of lying when it comes to new relationships. We do this because, when you like someone, you want to impress them so they stick around. It's also a sad fact that women are guiltier of this than men. Are women more insecure? Are men more honest? Who knows?

This isn't a psychology lesson. The point is that guys should be aware of the things new girlfriends lie about. We’re here to help you filter out all those little white lies and exaggerations women are prone to telling so that you don't fall into the trap of basing all your growing feelings on the fake stuff. Here are some of the bigger things new girlfriends lie about to watch out for.

"I’ve been with…”

Let's just put it out there: Women lie about their “number.” Not all women, but many. It has a lot to do with when and how the topic is broached and also, inevitably, by the number of partners you admit to having had. Think of this as the other side of our “7-11 rule” coin (which we established for you in our article Revealing Your Past). If you've only had two serious relationships your entire life, she might feel embarrassed by her larger number and subtract a few. Nailed a lot of girls? If she's only had one partner and thinks you might deem her inexperienced, she could up the number. This really just boils down to her personal insecurities, making this a favorite among the hings new girlfriends lie about.

How to deal: We all know you can't force a woman to feel comfortable with herself. The only things you can do is either delay the inevitable conversation or approach it in a casual, respectful way so no one gets their feelings hurt or gets competitive. Good luck with that.

"I'm a die-hard (insert sports team here) fan"

Since having “common interests” helps to validate why we’re with a certain person, most people are guilty of feigning enthusiasm for topics that seem important to our new partner — like being a hardcore fan of a specific team. Whether it’s sports, favorite movies or hobbies, be wary of the girl that seems to be your “extracurricular twin.” This doesn’t mean that your girl doesn’t enjoy watching the occasional Yankees game, but it does mean that claiming baseball as her reason for living might be a small fib.

How to deal: It's not a deal-breaker if you find out your lady has been going a little overboard in the exaggeration department, but you should be aware of this tendency and not decide you’re in love because of how much you have in common in the first month. Take the time to explore the typical things new girlfriends lie about and what your new girl is truly passionate about.

"Your friends are so cool!”

Your girlfriend is never going to love all the friends in your life — not even in the beginning. Do you love all her gossip-hungry, man-hunting gal pals? No you don’t. Let’s face it; you probably do have some annoying friends. However, she wants to be a part of your life and she knows that means being onboard with your life as it already is, frat-boy friends and all. Let the false enthusiasm begin.

How to deal: This cover-up is actually more good than bad since it forces your girl to give the people in your life a chance to make that extra effort she may not be naturally inclined to make. Be aware, however, that her annoyances with certain parties will eventually be aired. Also, you need to be open-minded to the truth about your friends and remember that she swallows a pill of acceptance just as you have to where her friends are concerned.

"Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on!”

Attraction is a key element in every relationship, especially in the beginning stages. Every woman in the world goes to extra lengths to look absolutely perfect for a guy when they first start dating. These monumental efforts are often coupled with the illusion that they’re actually not making any effort at all. What tangled webs we weave!

How to deal: Enjoy these sexy, early-on attraction maneuvers because it’s very likely they will start to drop off a bit as time goes on.

“I don’t normally do this…”

When spoken on a first golf outing with you, this statement could be true. When spoken in the bedroom or on the way to it, it couldn’t be more laughably false.

How to deal: She has normally done this, and probably many times over. But do your best to push those thoughts out of your head and just enjoy the fact that she’s doing them with you now.

She's An Angel

Despite the fact that exaggeration and acting fake are never desirable traits in a partner, some leeway should be given to your girl when you first start dating. After all, most of these little lies are based on the fact that she likes you so much and just wants you to feel the same way. And it will most definitely fade away as time passes. Just know where to draw the line — her lying about knowing every NY Yankees lineup since '85 is one thing, but hiding a criminal past is quite another (unless it's some kind of cool Ocean’s 11 heist, because then she’d just be awesome!).

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