Thief Trashes Illinois Neighborhood in Stolen Garbage Truck

Lisa Seger was watching late-night TV when she heard what sounded like a semi rumbling down her residential street early Sunday morning.

She looked out the window to see a bright orange garbage truck moving so quickly that it nearly tipped over on a tight curve, Seger said. The driver avoided that, but crashed into a large tree in her yard, shoved a parked car into the roadway and then continued down the block.

Before the rampage was over, the truck — stolen from a disposal company in nearby Springfield — was used to demolish fences and smash three cars. It hit a utility pole, knocking out electricity to a few homes. It uprooted a large tree and dragged it for about a block, scattering branches and parts of the trunk along the road.

The truck was found abandoned about 9 p.m. Sunday.

Police said they have no suspects.