A Gallup Poll reported by USA Today shows the Arab/Muslim world has an enormously negative view of Americans and of American actions in the world.

When I say enormously negative, I am talking about the kind of numbers that can only be produced by a campaign in which the other side is not allowed to respond.

These are the kinds of numbers that would result from a TV ad war between Democrats and Republicans, where one side was completely muzzled.

The most shocking numbers come from those on the question of whether it is believable that Arabs carried out the Sept. 11 attacks. In Pakistan, 86 percent said no. In Indonesia, 74 percent said no. In Kuwait — and remember, we saved their sorry keisters from Saddam Hussein — 89 percent said no.

Here's what's weird. No doubt these lopsided numbers were produced by government TV and radio stations, including the pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera, who blame America and Israel for everything. But those are the same outlets that ran the tapes of Usama bin Laden taking credit for the attacks.

Okay, so they lionize bin Laden… they are mesmerized by his every word. But, evidently, they selectively hear what he says... especially when it comes to claiming responsibility for Sept. 11.

To compound all of this... When asked if they thought the attacks were justified, 36 percent of Kuwaitis thought the attacks were morally justifiable. So — in Kuwait — we've got a sizeable percentage of liars, evidently. They tell the pollsters, by a near 90 percent majority, that they don't believe Arabs or Muslims were responsible for the attacks, but then a third of them say the attacks were justifiable.

Justifiable by whom? If they thought the Americans or Israelis engineered the attacks to embarrass the Arab world, how could it be justifiable to them?

In other words, a third know their guys did it, don't want to admit it, and think it was great anyway.

This is weird stuff. What it shows is that we cannot trust anybody from these countries. Their minds have been so polluted, so hammered by nonsensical lies, that we have to ask if they can be here — in this country — without posing a danger to us.

I'm serious. These results are completely off the charts. But hey... nobody can say we weren't warned.

That's My Word.

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