So Organizing for America, which used to be called Obama for America and before that Self-Righteous Chuckleheads, held a contest to create an ad for health care reform. They asked "you," to contribute your ideas.

Of course, when they said "you," they really didn't mean you. They meant the typical left-wing artist they enlisted to film the ads for them. That's why it's called propaganda, not art.

Click here to check out the winner.

There's a bottomless pit of creepiness going on here, but none of it should surprise anyone familiar with leftist propaganda. But here's a quick summary of the ad, anyway: If you don't bend over for Obama, you're going to kill these kids.

Which is yucky, I guess, but underneath this lie is an even more outlandish one: These artists actually give a crap about children. What they care about, really, is sucking up to Obama; the adorable brats are just props to serve that end.

Even more, it takes a special kind of filmmaker to get a child to utter: "I'm going to die of leukemia in two years." And it has to make parents of authentically sick kids feel great, watching a child play "let's pretend" with their suffering.

But these kids in the video are just acting, after all. Which means their biggest threat isn't illness, but unscrupulous parents who rent them out as tools for pathetic videos.

In 10 years, I predict raging meth addictions for all of them, with or without health insurance.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist.

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