There's a lot to gobble at the your local metroplex this holiday weekend.

Martin Lawrence, you're so crazy, you think it's the middle ages. Well actually, after a bump on the head that's where he ends up in Black Knight. After showing the locals how to get jiggy at the King's feast, Martin saves the kingdom, gets the girl and heads back to the not so middle ages. Unfortunately, 'Big Momma's Castle' this ain't, according to most critics.

Next, Robert Redford is the mentor, Brad Pitt is the mentee. Call it "Goodbye Mister Computer Chips." This is Spy Game. And after The Last Castle the Sundance Kid needs a blockbuster.

Next a movie that wants to go downhill. It's Out Cold and it's basically a snowboard teen movie with a few funny lines.

And finally, remember the way Woody Allen used to make movies? You know, the funny ones? Ed Burns has out-Woodied the Woodman with an angst ridden love story. In fact, a lot of them. And they all spill out onto The Sidewalks Of New York.