Newsflash: The world still hates us. And when it comes to our president, they really hate us.

In a new BBC poll (search) of more than 11,000 people in 11 countries, when it comes to our big cheese, he's a big flop.

Fifty-seven percent don't like him --plain and simple. And Iraq is the big reason -- 56 percent said going in there was a mistake. Eighty-one percent in Russia felt that way -- 63 percent of French.

None of this surprises me, but it doesn't mean we still can't be friends.

After all, most Americans don't flip over the Germans, but more than 50,000 of our troops are there to protect the Germans.

Most Americans don't love the French, but we've been there again and again for the French.

Most Americans rail against some arrogant Europeans, but we don't mind if their favorite American is Homer Simpson.

Most Americans would probably love to kill some condescending Parisians, but they glance at thousands of white crosses at Normandy, and conclude, move on, a generation sacrificed a lot for those Parisians.

So we shut up and put up.

We're down in the polls when they don't need us. We have a remarkable way of skyrocketing in those polls when they do need us.

No, people around the world don't flip over us. But isn't it amazing when everything hits the fan, how they come to love us?

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