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Welcome to my debut in the blogosphere.

As you might imagine, all of Washington is focused on the horrible news out of London (search). Most of the security in your nation's capitol has been bumped up a couple of notches and everyone is just a bit on edge. Backpack-carrying tourists dominate the landscape in Washington this time of year. There is just no way that the authorities can check each and every one of them.

As I drove in this morning, I noticed that traffic was a bit heavier than normal. I suspect many DC workers decided not to take the Metro — and drove instead. Still, we have become somewhat used to the security escalations that come and go depending on world events, so most Washingtonians trudge on.

Since Capitol Hill (my new beat) is on recess this week, I have been assigned to be the DC "jump" reporter today. If something happens, I will jump into a SUV with a photographer and producer and try to cover what we call "spot news" I am hoping that all remains quiet. There have been a flurry of reports about suspicious packages, but the usually turns out to be someone's lunch or a Pokemon backpack.

Two political observations:

1.) The bombings in London increase the likelihood that all provisions of the Patriot Act (search) will be extended, especially if GOP leaders of congress move quickly to bring the matter up.

2.) The president will gain some public favor by supporting his friend Tony Blair, and by making the case that The War on Terror (search) is not yet over.

The other story we are watching (though it's off the main page for the moment) is the Supreme Court. I have no solid information on other resignations, but there is a growing sense on Capitol Hill that something is in the works. Some of the same sources that helped me break the Sandra Day O'Connor (search) story a week ago suggest that there is something bubbling just beneath the surface. We'll see. I personally think there will be no announcements with the president out of the country.

This week on the Sunday edition of “Weekend Live” (Noon Eastern / 9 Pacific) we will be following up on news from London — and how the United States is tightening its security in response. Join us — won't you?


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Brian Wilson is a congressional correspondent for FOX News and anchor of the Sunday edition of "Weekend Live."