What a week it’s been for our country, the War on Terror (search) and for the Bush administration. "FOX & Friends" has been there to cover it all.

First, with E.D. out, we were privileged to have Kiran and Alisyn filling in — and we got our money’s worth out of them. Two of our three-hours shows were four hours and the beauty of it is… we still pay them the same amount!

Monday's "A Block" led with the alleged CIA leak, switched to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts (search), only to end with the British bombing and hunt for those responsible.

Sadly we never got to talk about Donald Trump’s sensational Capitol Hill hearing on the building of a new U.N. headquarters or the story of Jill Caruso. She was a third grade teacher who claims that she was fired for refusing to take the president's picture down from her classroom. She's suing to get her job back and she just happens to be my son's teacher. Although we did not break the story, we will talk to her first, hopefully in studio as early as Monday. Her school district will only say in response that "the allegations are false and a creation solely for the purposes of litigation."

Behind the scenes, we've just learned our beloved Hardy is leaving our show but staying in the FOX family. He will be missed immensely and I am sure he still will insist on going to our Christmas party. Please write us, diehard "Friends" fans, with your favorite Hardy moment, as we say a slow "so long."

Gotta run and start my weekend. And yes, I am taking the subway to a train. I'll likely be patted down six times before I arrive in Massapequa. Lets just hope this time its by a security professional!

Did you notice that Sen. Chuck Schumer and Judge John Roberts broke the ice by talking about their own sports careers? This is exactly why I wrote, "The Games Do Count" — available now at www.BrianKilmeade.com.


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