The Week in Review

The "Talking Points Memo" this evening is a look back at what happened this week. And every Friday, we're going to did that. We're going to highlight some of the week's big stories with our usual No Spin eye.

First up tonight, Alberto Gonzales needs to get a clue. The media's pounding him into pudding and won't stop until they have his job. Mr. Attorney General, listen up. Just hold a press conference and explain why you fired the eight attorneys. There's nothing illegal about it. So wise up. And tell the folks what happened. If you don't, you're gone.

President Bush visited Walter Reed today. I finished my initial investigation about what happened there. And here it is. The Bush administration was not prepared for the casualties the U.S. military has taken in Iraq. The hospital has been overwhelmed.

In addition, and this is key, there was a transfer of oversight at Walter Reed Hospital to a private company earlier this year. In that transition, chaos ensued. The Army didn't watch it. And things got out of control. Another example of a huge bureaucracy failing to be efficient. Are you looking forward to national healthcare? Should be a blast.

Rosie O'Donnell says the British set up their own people to be captured by the Iranians so the USA and Britain could then start a war with Iran. She also implies 9/11 was an inside job. Americans did it.

Very few media covered this nuttiness. So my question to Ann Coulter is did the media ignore your remark about John Edwards?

Doing the math Ms. O'Donnell says something 100 times more offensive than Ms. Coulter, in my opinion, yet there's no coverage about it. But there's no left wing media bias in this country. Oh no! Geraldo will give us his take on the O'Donnell situation later on “The Factor”.

And finally, Iran's having a great time humiliating Great Britain and killing people in Iraq, but the world really doesn't care. So in my opinion, Iran's winning. And by extension, the terrorists are winning because Iran supports Hezbollah.

By the way, the Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Al-Sadr, a close friend of the Iranian mullahs, has called for a massive demonstration inside Iraq against the USA in April. If that happens, turn off the lights. It's over.

By the way, the Sadr guy is a killer who wants to run Iraq as a theocratic terrorist state, partnering up with Iran. Just thought Rosie O'Donnell would like to know.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Paris Hilton is in trouble again. And enough is enough with this one. Isn't it?

Los Angeles authorities say the heiress violated her probation on a DUI conviction and was driving with a suspended license. Ms. Hilton was pulled over for driving a Bentley with the headlights off. Not the only dim bulb in play that evening.

Anyway, Paris Hilton faces 90 days in jail. She should get 30, and I mean it. I think she's got to go to jail and wise up. Anything less would be ridiculous.

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