The Weapons Hans Blix Could Not Find...

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Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly.  Thanks for watching us tonight.  In just a few moments, we will take you to Baghdad for an eyewitness report on what's going on there.  Our military analysts are also standing by, but first, a brief Talking Points Memo.

The weapons Hans Blix could not find...  U.S. intelligence says the statements from captured Iraqi soldiers and intercepted phone calls from the Republican Guard have convinced them that the Medina Division guarding Baghdad is now armed with chemical weapons.  Saddam Hussein, of course, has denied he has such weapons, and Hans Blix could not find them.

The French Ambassador to the USA, Jean-David Levitte, said this on March 19: "If Saddam were to use chemical or biological weapons, this would change the situation completely and immediately for the French government." We will see...

But don't expect a change among American anti-war people, the ones I talked with today justify the use of those weapons because Saddam is fighting for his life.  In short, there is nothing short of Saddam attacking the actual homes of many anti-war Americans that would change their minds.  That's important to understand.

Likewise, world opinion, in my opinion, will not turn against Saddam if he unleashes banned weapons.  The truth is millions of people, including some Americans, want to see the USA punished.  Of course, any use of chemicals will hurt Iraqi civilians, but Saddam obviously doesn't care about that.  This is a nasty, brutal war against an evil man who will stop at nothing.  The anti- war crowd does not understand evil or how to confront it.  But most Americans do, and that confrontation is coming fast.  And that's the The Memo.

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