Lost in the war on terror is the war on energy shortfalls.

As you may have heard, the Bush administration is taking a series of lumps about being in the pocket of big oil, big gas, big electricity, big auto, and big whatever in formulating the nation's energy policy.

That policy calls for more production of energy domestically, and less imported oil — if we can possibly get away with it.

It's a production side policy, rather than a conservation side policy.

So the Greenies have their tail in a twist and have been howling about how the president is doing what big oil told him to do — that the energy industry's recommendations have become U.S. policy.

The Greenies have also been complaining for some time that they haven't gotten their chance to chime in about higher gas mileage vehicles, conserving gasoline and electricity, windmill power and commuting to work with propeller beanies. Now it turns out that they were wrong. You might even say that they lied.

It turns out that the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Union of Concerned Scientists met with Dick Cheney's people a couple more times than they ever admitted to, and met with them earlier than they said — all the while complaining about being left out.

You have heard me say before that we ought to do something about getting off Saudi oil. That's obviously a problem we don't want to live with for another millenium.

And high gas mileage cars probably wouldn't be bad unless it meant killing people who had to ride around in flimsy beer cans that get good mileage, but fold up in the first wreck.

But let's get real, green citizens. People already think that when you don't get your way, you stretch the truth whining. You should learn these little hissy fits of untruths don't help the cause of higher gas mileage.

And by the way... this is a production administration. They want to produce more. If you keep saying we can't drill our way out of this mess, nobody's going to listen to you. We can drill in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan... any number of places.

If we don't want to send troops to defend our drilling rigs, we can even drill in ANWR, which you may have noticed is part of these here United States of America.

That's My Word.

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