My Word today is about my book.

My new book, called "The War on Christmas" is out today.

Here is what it's about: As the Christmas holiday season approaches, we have the annual fight about what we cannot do in public to observe Christmas.

Many Christians still think the nativity scene and the cross should be displayed in public and that fight is continuing. But my book focuses on the instances of very secular signs of Christmas being banned because they are thought to be too Christian or that they would offend someone. These symbols include: Santa, the Christmas tree, the word Christmas and even the colors red and green.

In the book I interview the key figures in several of the most famous anti-Christmas battles that have occurred in the last couple of years and I expose why they took action against Christmas. Almost always the reason is that Christmas is Christian, therefore it must be banned, shoved out of sight or hidden.

The fights usually begin around Thanksgiving, but it's time to start thinking about them now.

My Word is going to go on "Christmas Patrol" and I would like you to write me at a special e-mail address: waronchristmas@johngibson.com.

If you think there's an instance where Christmas is being suppressed in your town, school or workplace, send me a note and I'll look into it.

The Supreme Court (search) of the United States has never said no Santa, no Christmas carols, no red and green, no merry Christmas. It's not illegal, though amateur constitutional lawyers in positions of local power often think separation of church and state requires them to ban or banish Christmas.

They are wrong.

It's the war on Christmas — the inside story of the most incendiary anti-Christmas orders from people in power in this country over the last few years.

And it's waronchristmas@johngibson.com to alert me to what's going on in your town as people try to have Christmas 2005 in public places.

That's My Word.

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