The War Is Going Well

So how goes the war? If you ask me or the secretary of defense, you will get the same answer: It's going fine.

Let's check the scoreboard, which has been run up mercilessly. In Afghanistan, we took the air space. Then we took the ground ... city by city, zone by zone.

We dismantled the Taliban. The one-eyed mullah is on the run planning a rally in some dreamy landscape of his mind.

We dismantled the Al Qaeda. We may have gotten Usama bin Laden, but we don't really know yet.

As Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said, he could be dead in a cave somewhere, or he could be in Pakistan, or he could be strutting around hiding under a burqa in Afghanistan. We just don't know.

Rumsfeld went on to say:

"It does not matter. We will find him someday."

Then John McWethy of ABC asked:

"What if he turns up thumbing his nose at you?"

And the secretary answered:

"We will go see about that thumb."

So there is the answer to anybody who has a snotty question about this war. We'll just see about that thumb.

Let's get real. You have a better chance of breaking out of any prison in America than bin Laden has of getting away.

Do you think the land of his birth, Yemen, wants him back? Not when he has to take all those downward-pointing bombs with him. Bad deal.

Somalia doesn't have a government, so it doesn't count. He could go there, and we could go after him. We would do it in force and do it right … unlike that ill-planned exercise under the former president when a Blackhawk went down.

Okay. So if we've won this thing, how come we haven't seen a victory parade?

Well, it isn't time. There are members of Al Qaeda to be cleaned up in Pakistan. Usama bin Laden has to be caught, and Afghanistan has to step into — let's say — the 15th century.

We have to cajole or elbow our European friends into seeing that Saddam Hussein is not just a bearish buffoon who wears funny hats. We've got a lot of work to do in this war.

Still ... with only less than three months in, we've got one country down and the world's master terrorist hiding out like a homeless fugitive. I've seen wars go way, way worse than this.

That's My Word.

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