Is the 'night' young or have we seen all his best tricks?

The "Night" is M. Night Shyamalan and the movie is "The Village." Critics are basically calling this one very long "Twilight Zone" episode. The man who brought us "The Sixth Sense" is back and wants desperately to top himself but is he a one-twist pony? And really, what was the purpose of a press junket where no one can talk about the film? Right Bryce Dallas Howard?

McCuddy: And hey, how about that ending? Ha!

Howard: (Laughs) Shhhhhh! Thank you so much.

Next, more reviews are praising the remake of "The Manchurian Candidate." There shouldn't be that many twists if you've seen the first one, yet this one delivers a few surprises. Denzel Washington is in top form. The underrated Liev Shreiber is terrific. And they're already talking Oscar for Meryl Streep, but that's practically written in the Academy by-laws by now. Meantime, is she really channeling Hillary Clinton? She says no.

"Garden State" proves the guy from "Scrubs," Zach Braff, can act on bigger screens. And it's fun to see Natalie Portman out of the princess get-up in a galaxy called New Jersey. Still, The Wall Street Journal says it's self-indulgent.

Finally, Spike Lee is back and he's still mad. This time it's called "She Hate Me."