We matter. The United States matters.

Sure, they bash our dollar, our economy, our stocks.

They say our time has come, and gone.

But funny, when everything hits the fan, they want to be our fan.

Please get better, America. Because your cold, is our pneumonia.

And the health prognosis for the world...sickeningly clear today.

German stocks down more than seven percent. French stocks swooning nearly seven. Britain off five and a half percent.

And the world's so called premiere economies not looking so premiere today.

China down more than five percent. India close to ten percent.

Throughout Asia, and Europe, Latin America and the African sub-continent... sub-par performances for all.

All because they're concerned we're going into something bad. And they're worried.

They need us.

And they need our money.

And now it looks like they might not be getting it, or as much of it.

And economies they thought could merrily go on no matter what happens in the U.S. ...all starkly reminded they need the U.S.

And they're all but begging for us to turn things around.

I'm not sure where all this leads. I am sure what it has led to.

A realization that for all this talk the U.S. is finished, clear reminders we better not be.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

For decades our soldiers have saved them.

Who knew they're desperately hoping today our stocks do the same.

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