The U.N. Is the Problem, Not the U.S.

I missed a great opportunity Tuesday and I'll confess it here.

John Bolton was on the air with me, the American ambassador to the U.N. We were talking about Iran.

Out in the greenroom, Bolton's people were scanning a transcript that had just come in. Their eyes were popping out of their heads.

In the transcript, Mark Malloch Brown — the No. 2 guy at the U.N. under Kofi Annan — was trashing the American public, FOX News and Rush Limbaugh.

Man, I wish they'd rushed that transcript into me because Bolton has since gone off on Brown, blasting him for essentially just not getting it.

The American people are not the problem. The U.N. is.

FOX is not the problem. The U.N. is.

Rush Limbaugh is only telling what the U.N. problems are, not creating them.

The United Nations allowed its Security Council to get bought off during the run-up to the Iraq war. The evidence is now in — confirming suspicions at the time — that Saddam Hussein had literally bribed the U.N. Security Council with Oil-for-Food vouchers to make certain there would not be U.N. cooperation with the United States in overthrowing the Saddam regime. No question about it. The proof is in.

The U.N. was about to lift sanctions on Saddam's murderous regime and allow him to walk the globe again as an officially cleaned-up despot courtesy of the U.N. No question about it. The proof is in.

The U.N. has had U.N. peacekeepers who were raping children. FOX's Steve Harrigan reported extensively on that. No questions about it. The proof is in.

I wrote a book called "Hating America: The New World Sport" in which I documented the anti-Americanism rampant among 190 countries at the United Nations.

And this doesn't even count the annoying habit of U.N. diplos to run around New York like they own the place, tearing up parking tickets.

Mr. Malloch Brown is aware that the U.N. has a bad rap. It may be true that FOX and Rush Limbaugh have alerted the American people to these problems, but let's get serious: Neither FOX nor Rush Limbaugh made these things up.

My friend Dan Senor has told me he wants to come on and defend the U.N. He says it's doing a lot of good work that the U.S. needs it to do.

I told Dan: Fine, you can come in and defend the U.N., but just remember this is a flawed institution that has yet to prove itself to many in the American public — me included.

That's My Word.

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