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Some viewers are angry about all the publicity Mrs. Clinton is getting over a new book. Those who like her say there's too much criticism, those who dislike her say she's getting too much attention.

But this is an important story because Senator Clinton is the most powerful Democrat in the country right now, and is very hard to define because she's so guarded about everything. It's not like the press has access to Hillary Clinton. We don't. She answers to no one.

So, when she writes a book, it is fodder for the press, especially because there are doubts about the woman's honesty and because she may be elected president in five years.  Hillary Clinton claims to have been shocked when her husband admitted the Lewinsky episode. She paints herself as a betrayed wife and a victim of Bill Clinton's lies and deceits. But just one day before Senator Clinton says her husband confessed, a front page New York Times headline glared, "President Weighs Admitting He Had Sexual Contacts". In the following article, this statement, "President Clinton has had extensive discussions with his inner circle about a strategy of acknowledging to a grand jury that he had intimate sexual encounters with Monica S. Lewinsky."

Surely Mrs. Clinton would have been alerted to that article. So, it's kind of hard to imagine her being awakened by her husband a day later and her being shocked. Also, the dress scandal had been in out public for months. So, come on, who is shocking whom here?

This story is not important on its own. Who cares what goes on within the Clinton marriage. I don't. But it speaks to honesty. You remember that Senator Clinton testified she did not remember key elements of the Whitewater mess or the Travelgate debacle, yet she has enough to recall to put out a 500-page book.

An argument is being made that Senator Clinton's personal pain could have caused her to go into denial. But again, denial and shock are two different things. By writing, "I could hardly breathe. Gulping for air, I started crying and yelling at him. What do you mean? What are you saying?", Mrs. Clinton is giving impression she was totally in the dark.  That is flat out impossible.

So, once again, Talking Points must conclude that Senator Clinton is not a truthful person. I could be wrong. I can't read minds. I simply know that I want the President of the United States, whoever it is, to be an honest person. And so should all-Americans.

And that's the Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Because of the Hillary Clinton book, Monica Lewinsky is back in the news. But, in Iraq, her name has never been out of style. That's because Iraqis have nicknamed pickup trucks Monicas.

We will not speculate as to why they have done this, but we suspect it might be ridiculous.

As you know, the term "Lewinsky" in the United -- oh, can't get into that.

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