If you're anything like me then listening to the media, the so-called "experts" and career politicians on TV makes you want to scream until blood shoots out of your eyes.

You know, when I first heard of the tea parties, I didn't think much of it. I figured they would be misunderstood. Here's what I said to a listener on my radio show back in February:


BECK: I'm frustrated on the tea party only because I think the time for the tax tea party, the tax revolt thing is coming. It's not here. It is only just, it was just too narrowly focused yesterday for me on my part that I just think the timing is just too early on this. The tax tea party thing is it will be much more powerful several months from now.


What the media does not understand is I didn't start this, FOX News didn't start this, the people started it and it began to grow because that is what the people wanted. They found their own voice and thousands of people held peaceful protests across the country.

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Turns out they were misunderstood. The media just didn't get it. They blamed FOX News or the Republicans or me for the tea parties. Either because of their agenda or because they are just really blind to what happens off the island most of them work on.

I look at the people who attended the tea parties and I'm guessing that most of them would uncomfortable with being labeled "activists."

This is not ACORN. They are reluctant activists. And I understand that: What kind of normal person wants to go stand out in public shouting things?

Honestly, if I wasn't covering the tea parties I don't know if would have gone to the Alamo on April 15. I would talk to my friends and family and yell at the TV some more, but I don't take to the streets. I'm just not that person.

The only thing that could turn me into an "activist" is seeing my children's future being ruined. And that's exactly what's happening.

I bet that's why a lot of the people are involved now.

The majority of those at the tea parties were just regular Americans who love their country and don't need to wear a red, white and blue cape and chant "USA! USA!" to prove it.

That's not the view the media likes to show because it doesn't fit into their little box. But presenting those people as extremists does.

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