"I'm getting uncomfortable."

No, those weren't the words of my houseboy, Paco, after I lost the belt to my shorty robe.

It was actually from the great mumbler, Benicio del Toro, star of the 28-hour long epic "Che," after being peppered by questions from folks who remembered — factually — the suffering at the hands of the newly deified revolutionary/homophobe.

According The Washington Times, after a screening of the film, Benicio granted an interview to the film press — who are usually a mass of celebrity ass-kissers wrapped in a cocoon of anti-Americanism.

So imagine Benicio's surprise when some old man actually pressed him on the real history of Che: That he was a heartless killer, a creator of forced labor camps and a Stalinist who relished executing critics without much thought.

But no one needs to hear that crap. After all, it gets in the way of the story, as Benicio admits: "We have to omit a lot of stuff about his life."

The actor did get upset — finally — over the sheer rudeness of hearing the phrase "concentration camps," used by a man who was really in one of them. It was then Benicio knew it was time to leave. So, like many people who went to see his movie, he walked out of the interview well before it ended.

It's a shame that in real life, Cuba had to stay through the end.

And if you disagree with it, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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