The Truth About Al Qaeda

For almost six years, the Bush administration and the Republican Party have been telling us that the aggressive anti-terror measures they have taken have significantly damaged the Al Qaeda terrorists.

But take a look at this front-page headline in today's New York Times: "Bush advisers see a failed strategy against Al Qaeda." Sub headline is a gram assessment.

Well, we immediately called the White House. And the spokesperson there said the headline was wrong, but they wouldn't put anyone to speak about it.

The question now is who's telling the truth? Tony Snow maintains the Bush administration has badly damaged Al Qaeda, as you heard. The New York Times and many Democrats say the opposite. President Bush has botched the Al Qaeda fight, along with Iraq.

"Talking Points" simply doesn't know who's telling the truth here. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are using Al Qaeda for political reasons. So it's hard to get the truth.

The end game is the 2008 presidential election. Since the left has opposed nearly every anti-terror measure imposed by the Bush administration, they're seen by many as soft on terrorism. But now, the left is saying that Mr. Bush has blown it, that his policies have actually helped the terrorists.

So if there is another attack on American soil, both parties are going to blame the other. The terrorists themselves must really be enjoying this bizarre dance, as a divided America is a weaker America. But I'm not enjoying it. I'd like to know if the hundreds of billions of dollars the USA has spent fighting Al Qaeda and others have been wasted.

I'd like to know if Usama and his killers are really prospering. And I'd like to know exactly how the left would neutralize bin Laden. Unfortunately, I can't get clear answers on any of those questions. Very disturbing. And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

Time for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." Today is National Hot Dog Day, and we're not talking about Geraldo. It's frankfurter day, sponsored by the American Meat Institute.

But that is not going down well with the animal rights people, who have sent out protesters dressed as lettuce. At least that's what they tell us.

In addition to strutting around and doing this, they're handing out veggie dogs and vegetarian starter kits. Dressed as lettuce.

Of course, you can make the call. "Lettuce" know what you think. I know, I know. You don't have to tell me.

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