The Tide is Turning in the Criminal Illegal Alien Controversy

After three college kids were murdered in Newark, New Jersey, allegedly by an illegal immigrant from Peru and a foreign national from Nicaragua, questions were asked about why those men were on the streets when they both had violent criminal histories. The answer was authorities in New Jersey didn't report the men or any other foreign criminal to the feds upon arrest. Newark Mayor Cory Booker said this.


BOOKER: My police officers do not have the time, nor would I want them to become immigration agents. If we start getting off on tangents, doing things that federal authorities or other authorities should be doing, we are undermining our ability to get the job done.


That statement is absurd. Mayor Booker should want the feds to remove criminal foreign nationals from the city. Yesterday Booker and every other mayor in New Jersey was ordered by Attorney General Anne Milgram to inform the feds about alien arrests. We applaud the AG and hope New Jersey officials obey her direction.

There is no doubt that America needs a federal law ordering cities like New York, Los Angeles, New Haven and other sanctuary places to inform ICE when foreign nationals are arrested for criminal activity, any criminal activity.

The law should be simple. If a non-citizen is arrested in a criminal case, ICE must be informed within 48 hours of that arrest. If the arresting agency fails to do that, federal charges could be lodged against those officials. Simple and devastating to criminal aliens would that law be. So why is the new law needed?

Well, Mayor Booker can't possibly know if an illegal alien in his city is on a terror watch list or what kind of crimes a person may have committed in his home country. The feds are in a position to know that.

Also the feds can detain foreign nationals if they're given low bail by stupid judges as was the accused killer Carranza in Newark. Again, there is no excuse for local officials to not help the feds track down bad guys. What's going on now is dangerous to every American.

So we call for every person in Congress to get behind the new criminal alien law and pass it quickly. Those who oppose such a law should explain themselves to the folks who are entitled to be protected from harm. It is my strong guess not many elected officials are going to oppose the new law, but some will quietly try it derail it. It is my job to expose that and I will.

Finally one presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, has already gotten behind the movement and we call on all the other presidential candidates to do so. This is our campaign for the fall. We are going to get this law passed. And we will keep you posted, and that's “The Memo.”

Most Ridiculous Item

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." Ever since I saw this singer Beyonce do a knockout rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, I've been a fan.

But the woman is having a real hard time on the concert tour this summer. In Toronto, her shirt flipped up, exposing her chest in the middle of a dance number. Talk about air conditioning.

Anyway, Beyonce bouncing around, went on with the show, and the audience definitely got their money's worth, which of course, is never ridiculous.

Wear something under there, Beyonce.

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