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JAMIE COLBY, FOX NEWS GUEST HOST: The Tea Party Express is back, and they're rumbling across America for another bus tour, 38 cities in just 19 days! Today's stops, Redding, California, and Medford, Oregon. Joining us live, as if you were there, Deborah Johns, vice chair of the Tea Party Express. Deborah, thanks for being with us.

DEBORAH JOHNS, TEA PARTY EXPRESS ORGANIZER: Thank you, Jamie, for having me.

COLBY: We've been monitoring the developments of this particular tour and the turnout has been impressive. Tell me what you're hearing from the people who turn out, many of whom have never been politically active.

JOHNS: Well, their message is loud and clear. I mean, it's obvious that Nancy Pelosi hasn't got it straight about what the will of the people want -- that is no government-run health care. Stop the taxes. Stop the out-of-control spending.

And the elite politicians in Washington need to get a clear-cut message on this, too, where we're helping people to get engaged and stay engaged because one year from now, these elite politicians are going to be voted out of office if they do not listen to the will of the people.

You know, the tea party movement is right now in its infancy. People are continuing to turn out, whether it's sunshine, rain or snow. They want their voice heard. And these politicians are being put on notice they will be voted out in 2010. And Barbara Boxer is going to be bounced. We're going to pop Nancy Pelosi's bubble, and we're going to dump Harry Reid.

COLBY: Deborah, when people show up, they don't just get music, like they did in Redding today. They actually sign letters to their elected representatives. And you take those letters and you mail them. So when you saw Speaker Pelosi today, did you get a sense that the representatives who have received letters from tea party participants, that these people were heard, their opinions about what they want in our country?

JOHNS: Well, it's quite clear, with Speaker Pelosi coming out with this 1,900-page government-run health care bill, that she's not listening to the constituents. That's why we've got the letter campaign going now. We're going to take those letters that the people are coming out to the rallies and signing, and they're going to be hand-delivered to their local district offices so they get a loud, clear message.

The people do not want government-run health care. They want to stop the intrusiveness of government in the lives of the American people. People can come out, visit us where we're at, go to Teapartyexpress.org, see the next city that we're going to be. Come on out, write your letter. We're going to get them delivered for you. Have your voice heard because this is a pivotal time in American history. People are making history. This sleeping giant has finally awoken and they're going to be heard or these elite politicians in Washington November 2010 are going to be voted out of office, Jamie.

COLBY: And Deborah, Redding, California, Medford, Oregon, because? Quickly before we go, why those towns?

JOHNS: You know, we haven't been to these cities before. There's an outpouring of people to come on out for us to help encourage them and to give them ideas on how to stand in solidarity to take their country back from the elite politicians.

And I encourage Greta when she comes back. I know she's a great, you know, Packer fan. She'll have more fun at a tea party movement than she will at the Packers game. If she doesn't, I'll buy her dinner. So come on out, Teapartyexpress.org. Join the movement.


JOHNS: Have your voice heard. America, let's take our country back.

COLBY: Deborah, I have to go. People can check out the Web site if they want to. And even though you say it's fun, I know you mean serious business. So thank you so much for being with us.

JOHNS: Yes, we do.

COLBY: Nice to meet you.

JOHNS: Thank you, Jamie.

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