Shouting at the president and calling him a liar -- bad. Shouting at Republicans and calling their health care plan strategy "die quickly" -- good?

The guy shouting at the president apologizes, but still gets reprimanded in the House.

The guy all-but advocating Republicans want you dead refuses to apologize and gets a pat on the back from the speaker of the House.

This is Nancy Pelosi sticking up for that "die quickly" guy, Florida Democrat Alan Grayson:


HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: There's no more reason for Mr. Grayson to apologize than for, if anyone's going to apologize, everyone should apologize.


You've got to be consistent here, folks.

So the speaker has no problem with a guy who says the Republicans do have a plan and it's essentially to hope you die quickly. But she has a huge problem with a guy who says the president's lying about illegals not being covered under health care reform.

So, Alan Grayson's a star. Alan Grayson can keep piling on, likening the lack of health care reform to a holocaust in America.

Joe Wilson can't say boo, all-but becoming a laughing stock in America.

Never mind Wilson was right about that illegal coverage and Democrats took great care later to assure they wouldn't be getting coverage. Joe's still crazy and punished.

Alan's still crazy, but praised.

Double standard? Nah!

It's amazing, this selective outrage.It's OK when all-but likening Republicans to murderers. It's not OK when all-but stating Democrats are liars.

What a House. Or should I say... asylum.

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