It’s not just David Beckham abs or a face like Johnny Depp’s that she finds sexy. There are other characteristics women are attracted to — and it might not be what you expect.

You probably don’t find anything particularly interesting about a quirky or unique feature you have, but it could be one of the things she’s drawn to. It probably represents something deeper and alluring that’s the cause for attraction, such as sophistication, mystery or an edge. When pulling off what makes you unique, remember to up your confidence levels so you maximize your pulling power.

Here are five surprising things she’s attracted to and why.

1. Scars

That girl you’re having dinner with for the first time doesn’t know the stories behind that mark on your skin which vaguely resembles a scorpion, but she’s fascinated by it. If you doubt what scars can do for your magnetism, just take a look at singer Seal. His scars have made him much more interesting than he would have been without them. Scars also provide men with a rugged manliness and mystery, which is always sexy.

Research backs up why scars are a hit with women. According to science news website, Science Daily, scientists at Liverpool and Sterling University have found that women may associate scars with health and bravery. Scars not only show you’re a courageous guy who’ll take on his opponents, but you’re tough enough to outlive them. Refrain from killing the mystery when it comes to those other silly scars, though. It’s best to keep it to yourself that the scar on your forehead was from a clumsy, drunken fall in the garden.

2. House Plants

Of course she wants you to be nurturing, but just how does she gauge your tenderness levels? Interestingly, a way for women to do this is by noticing how you treat a living thing that, unlike her, you won’t be trying to get into bed later. That means your house plants will be up for inspection. It takes a patient, affectionate man to grow healthy plants, and with our trend of going green, a woman who pays attention to how you cultivate plants is also seeing your nurturing spirit in a much bigger picture.

Nuts, U.K.’s No. 1 selling men’s weekly magazine, polled 1,500 women on what personality traits they find most attractive in men, and caring for the environment grabbed the top spot. By adopting a greener habit, you’re also winning: Experts say as little as 30 minutes a week taking care of the garden can improve your health and performance in bed. That’s a good reason to trim the hedge, right?

3. Sweat

Yes, sweat can be sexy. Don’t believe us? Well, ask yourself this: Why does your girlfriend like to watch those football matches? Is it because she’s interested in the game or perving over the players? Chances are, although the former is likely, the latter makes much more sense when it comes to sweat being attractive. There’s something sexy about men running up and down a field in the blazing heat being in need of a cool shower.

That certain something is all about the chemicals found in your natural cologne. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have found that a chemical in male sweat called androstadienone causes women’s hormone levels and sexual arousal to increase. So the next time you meet her for a date, let her join you for an afternoon jog. With you exuding those androstadienones, her heart rate will be increasing for more reasons than one. But don’t make a habit of it, please — sweatiness is best reserved to a few activities, and should never replace your antiperspirant.

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4. Gray Hair

In a society that consistently sends out messages of youthfulness being attractive, it’s common for men to consider coloring their gray hair back to what it was before. But gray hair is no longer reserved for your grandpa; on a younger guy it can ooze sexiness. A good example is 47-year-old actor John Slattery, whose gray makes him look charming, suave and experienced. If you need further proof that silver is the new black, a survey by Match.com found that a whopping 72 percent of women think gray hair is hot.

5. Eyeglasses

Who would have thought geek would be chic? According to studies by the University of Stockholm, women are more attracted to men who wear glasses than those who don’t. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why — they appear intelligent. And, if a man is intelligent, it means he’ll more than likely mentally stimulate his woman. Many women will tell you there’s nothing quite like a witty, smart conversation to impress them.The lure of intelligence has also got to do with biology.

Researchers in New Mexico gave 400 Vietnam War veterans extensive mental tests and later (weirdly enough) asked them to provide sperm samples. The results showed that the men who scored the highest in the intelligence tests also had the highest counts of healthy sperm. Hmm, now you have a reason to trade your contact lenses for eyeglasses.