We begin with the "State of America" tonight, and it is cold.

Temperatures across the country dropped this week. On Friday night northern Florida registered record low temperatures. And just weeks ago sustained cold weather in California, well, it decimated that state's citrus crop. Upstate New York is still buried under 11 feet of snow. In Denver, airplane cockpit windows cracked. And across the middle of the country at least 24 deaths are being blamed on this week's snow system.

But at the same time, global warming fearmongers, well, they see to be everywhere, even as more and more scientists come forward with skepticism about the causes of climate change, while environmental extremists and their allies in Washington, they continue to scare the American people.

It is therefore the irony of ironies that a House hearing on the impact of climate change, well, that had to be postponed this past week because of a nasty winter storm in Washington, D.C. — And the science of climate change is anything but clear.

So as we move forward with these global discussions, Americans will have to look to their leaders for calm and reasoned debate. And they need to lead by example.

And that's the "State of America" tonight.

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