The stars eat a few meals every now and then and when they do we're there in a busboy uniform holding a magnifying glass and a Foxlight.

InStyle magazine says Nicole Kidman is a 'tater gal. That's right, she loves potatoes. Bake 'em, broil 'em, scallop 'em. Doesn't matter. She even likes instant potatoes. Apparently she's not a big fan of half-baked marriages.

And J. Lo keeps that infamous behind up to size with chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.

Crossing Jordan's Jill Hennessy could be doing her own autopsy if she makes a regular diet of mom's french toast. It's her favorite meal. Especially, she says, with gobs of butter and frosting instead of syrup. Mmmm?

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos likes eating avocados. Slices them up with a little lemon juice and plops it on a cracker. That's a thanksgiving supermodel meal.

Kate Hudson says she and her husband love chicken dumplings.

Finally, Sean Hayes of Will And Grace loves the Italian beef sandwiches at Portillo's Hot Dogs in Chicago. What, no deep dish pizza? Nope, he says everybody should experience Portillo's beef before they die.