The stars discover some greasy kids stuff in the bright make-up mirror glow of The Foxlight.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? was a big hit for the Coen Brothers, and the soundtrack's success has inspired a big summer tour - which is a big hit. So what else can this film take credit for? How about a revival in greasy kid's stuff? That's right. The next Hollywood trend, according to Gentlemen's Quarterly, is that tub of goo on top of George Clooney's head. Uh-huh. Pomade may be the new mousse.

You know Jerry Lewis will probably take credit for this - he has been packin' a petroleum 'do for years.

Even Ross - David Schwimmer - often looks like he's Friends with the latest trend.

But GQ says the real deal - something called Murray's Superior Hair Dressing - is the preferred spread for fashion plates like Brian Setzer and, yes, Leo. DiCaprio is reportedly addicted to the stuff. I guess when your hair is sticking up nobody notices how big your belly has gotten.