The Sopranos, Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and Christopher Walken

The Sopranos, Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and Christopher Walken in The Foxlight.

So HBO claims they can do the last season of The Sopranos without Tony? They'll just whack him using some existing footage? That's one rumor swirling around, but don't believe it. If HBO leaked that information, it was to get James Gandolfini back to the negotiating table.

The actor is suing to get a new contract, and the two sides are far apart. But this will all be settled before you can say "bleepin' baked ziti." Tony does not sleep with any fishes and probably won't or they can't do a movie. Kapeesh?

Ever wonder what movie actors do in their trailers during all the downtime? Steve Martin and Eugene Levy jammed off camera during Bringing Down The House. Well, as much jamming as you can do on a guitar and banjo. Levy says Martin is more than wild and crazy -- he's good. A banjo used to be part of Martin's stand up comedy act. Maybe they should have spent that time rewriting that script. Despite the fact that it's the top movie in the country, it could use some punchier punchlines.

Finally, why do we care that Catch Me If You Can co-star Christopher Walken won for Best Supporting Actor at The Screen Actor's Guild Awards? Because in an extremely tight Oscar race. Academy voters have been looking for a frontrunner and now they have one. Sorry Chris Cooper, Walken is walkin' away with an Academy Award.