Finally, The Sopranos is back. And the hype and the wait were both worth it.

One question: Did Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler sign with Jenny Craig? Nope, Anthony Jr. went on the Atkins Diet and Meadow says she just learned to eat right. No bleepin' ziti?

Think Rob Lowe made a mistake trying out his 'West Wings' and flying the coop? I thought so too, but now comes word from The New York Post that ABC, CBS and yes, even NBC are all trying to give him his own show. Why the network he just left? The problem was with the production company, not the peacock, according to one source.

How comfortable is Heath Ledger in an interview about his new movie Four Feathers? He turned me into an ottoman, propping his feet up on my chair, so I returned the favor. Now we're both in a slump. Apropos, I'm afraid, of the movie itself. At something like the fourth time, I guess Hollywood is going to keep remaking this thing until they get it right.

Finally, Pamela Anderson topping People magazine's Worst Dressed List? Is that just sour grapes because she is dressed?