Summer’s over, but your skin is still recovering! Could your go-to moisturizer actually be making the problem worse? iMag asked Myles Goldin, a NYC based herbalist and licensed massage therapist for her secrets to getting softer skin.

Read the labels on your favorite lotion. I work on many different people and with different people come different skin types. Some people have really dry skin that feels almost like sandpaper. Some people’s skin feels stretched out with no elasticity and some people have that shiny supple skin that feels like I’m working on silk. With any of these types, and whichever fits your scenario, the first thing to do is drink more water. Keep hydrated and exercise.

The second thing you should do for your skin is avoid using lots of lotions with mineral oil in them. This is usually the first or second ingredient in most drugstore lotions and potions. Mineral oil is basically what’s left after crude oil is turned into gasoline. Here are some reasons why mineral oil is so popular to use as an ingredient. One, it’s oily…a no brainer. Two, it is cheap to use because it is plentiful. Three, it's odorless and it doesn’t break down like most oils. Sounds like a dream.

But here is the other side of the mineral oil coin. It clogs your pores and your skin is the largest organ of your body. Skin is your first defense. After mineral oil is absorbed into your body, it is broken down by the liver and goes into the intestinal tract. Once the oil is present, it will absorb all the fat soluble vitamins found there. Fat soluble vitamins are: vitamins A, D, E, and K. Fat soluble vitamins are found in fatty foods and fish-liver oils. People use vitamin E to soften and moisten skin and Vitamin D is essential for the skin for the production of melanin. Medical professionals and nutritionists hail fish oils as having many benefits for our bodies especially our skin and heart. When we look at someone who has beautiful skin, we say how shiny and supple it looks. But what we’re putting on our skin is taking all that away. What do we do now?

When people ask me at Oasis, what I am using on them, I always use apricot, grapeseed or almond oil. All of these come from either a fruit or nut and are nutritious to skin and body. These oils don’t clog pores and skin retains elasticity. When clients ask what I use on myself, I smile and whisper…olive oil. Just sprinkle a little salt and some basil leaves on me and I’m done! Shea butter is also excellent. Mistral puts out a great product that uses Shea butter.

If you love using lotions, explore health food stores for some great products that don’t have mineral oil. Lastly, if you’re a hands-on person you can make it yourself. For some recipes, go to www.mylesgoldin.com where I’ve posted some of my favorite combinations.

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Myles Goldin is an herbalist and licensed massage therapist working at Oasis Day Spa in New York City. She has been working in the spa industry for over 8 years. She has a private practice both in Manhattan and as well in Brooklyn. Her expertise lies in Prenatal, Swedish, and injury treatment. She has a couples instruction dvd series in the hopper. Her mission is to make the world a more peaceful place, one person at a time. For questions, inquiries and information, email her at: myles@mylesgoldin.com