The Scorpion King, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Mary Tyler Moore in The Foxlight.

Is The Rock the new Schwarzenegger? Critics said so after The Scorpion King but then it went on to make "only" $90 million. Remember when that was a lot? Bad acting certainly won't hold him back. So this week on video and DVD you decide. Do the special effects wrestle this movie from him?

Next, publicists told me Brotherhood of the Wolf was going to be the next Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Well that's the last time I'll trust a publicist. It was a huge hit in it's home country of France, but so is Jerry Lewis.

The movie starts out creepy and cool with some mysterious bad attitude animal stalking the French countryside -- even scarier than Euro-Disney. Then it devolves into a cartoonish Mortal Kombat that reminded me of Charles Bronson's The White Buffalo. Uh, you decide if that's a compliment.

Finally, "MISTER GRANT!" It's the first season of Mary Tyler Moore and she did make it after all. Although I think her hat is still stuck in mid-air someplace in downtown Minneapolis. They don't make 'em like this anymore, which the new TV season so disappointingly confirms.